Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ronnie Coleman Classic 2010

Went this morning to the Ronnie Coleman Classic in Mesquite Texas and helped my grip buddies, Paul Knight and Eric Milfeld run the Grip Strength Challenge.
Pictured from left to right: Eric Milfeld, myself, Paul Knight.

This was a series of 7 events to test ones grip strength. It was open to anyone who wanted to take the challenge.

The events were:

1) Lift Thomas Inch DB Replica. This is a 172 lb. globe dumbbell with a 2-3/8"

diameter handle.

2) Lift with one hand a 50 lb. Blob. This was the end of a 100 lb. York DB.

3) 2" V-Bar lift of 225 lbs.

4) 2 Hand Euro Pinch loaded to 200 lbs. This was the only event where you

was allowed to use 2 hands.

5) Lift 45 lb. plate by the center hub with an additional 10 lbs. added, total

weight was 55 lbs.

6) Close the Iron Mind #3.5 with a parallel set.

7) Bend a horseshoe bare-handed without wraps.

I got there at 10:00 am and left at 5:00 pm. Many people tried the events

and the whole thing was a huge success. Paul and Eric stayed for the night

time crowd.

Several guys did some amazing lifts that did not train grip specifically.

One man named Ross Love walked over to the Inch DB and grabbed it

with his right hand and lifted it straight up as if was nothing. I've never seen

anyone lift the Inch DB that fast and that easy. Incredible!!! Ross was a strongman

competitor and weighed 325 lbs. He said he had lifted it on 3 other occasions.

One other man ( Mark Neutch) lifted it to full dead lift position the first

time he tried. As a matter of fact, the guy had never seen one in his life.

Mark said he cut firewood for a living and arm wrestled a lot. He said

he weighed 230 lbs. His hands were very thick and his thumbs looked like

the end of a hammer handle.

Had a great time and look forward to next years event.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!