Friday, November 28, 2008

Light Workout - Practice Sunday

Did a very light workout today with the weights and grip tools
because me and Jake will practice pulling Sunday.

Being that I went light I tried some new exercises with my
"Total Wrist Developer" and "T-Bomb Handles."

I did curls with both devices at different angles and wrist positions.

Did my one-arm rowing with 63 lb. Kettle Bell instead of my "flat handle"
made by Ryan Pitts.

Also got my arms good and warm and did some bounce rafter chins.
This where you bounce off the floor with your feet for momentum to
do the next rep. When you don't have to bounce you know that you've
gotten stronger for sure.

Did some "revolving handle" single arm dead lifts with 2" Crusher from
FBBC. This really helps your hand strength for setting up at the AW table.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!