Thursday, November 20, 2008

Arms - Arm Wrestling Specific

DumbBall Curls - 4 sets x 20

Flat Handle One Arm Rowing - 4 sets x 10

Standing Fat Bar Wrist Curls - 5 sets x 20

Reverse Wrist Curls w/Forearm Blaster - 5 sets x 20

MS Gripper - 20 singles each hand

Finger Extensions in bucket full of rice - 2 sets x 50

Note: Been sick for the last 4 days. Starting to ease back into my
regular arm wrestlng training. Should be pulling with partner this
Sunday. If not, I'll pull on my Life Line Tubes with different handles.
The picture of my right forearm is 1/2" larger after less than 5 weeks of
forearm training.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!