Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warren Tetting Grippers = Symbols of Strength

As a collector of torsion spring hand grippers I've seen and handled over the years many different types of grippers and all different brands but out of the hundreds of hand grippers out on the market today there is still NONE that symbolize strength, beauty, and craftsmanship like the grippers that Warren Tetting has made for nearly 50 years!

I have a collection of nearly 300 torsion spring grippers and I own more Tetting grippers (also known as Beef Builder's, BB) than any other brand with Captains of Crush by Iron Mind running a close second and it's interesting to note that COC's are direct descendants from Warren's iconic grippers that started in 1964 and are still going strong today! If it wasn't for Warren Tetting there's a good chance that there would have never been COC's as well! This is not in any way taking away from what Iron Mind has accomplished today with their incredible hand grippers, it's simply a logical conclusion that is readily obvious.

Several weeks ago I ordered a Master gripper from Matt Cannon from Cannon Power Works and I ordered it because Matt stated that this gripper was unique in the fact that both handles got an M stamped on them and that the spread was extra wide with a very stiff spring. When I received the gripper in the mail (blazing fast I might add)it was no surprise that the gripper was absolutely beautiful and when holding this gripper it gave me a great feeling inside that can't be described unless you can appreciate the history, craftsmanship, and attention to details that goes into every one of Warren's grippers! I rated (RGC) this gripper myself 3 different times and it rated @ 117 lbs. which is seven pounds heavier than an average COC #2 hand gripper.

I might also add that over the years Warren has made 14 different strength TSG's from a Beginner to the NEW Hercules gripper that will NEVER be closed by human hands! I've also included a pic of the Hercules gripper with a miniature gorilla sitting beneath this mammoth spring of a gripper!!!

In closing I thought I would add a few pics of this amazing hand gripper made by the Master himself, Warren Tetting! The Godfather of the Heavy Duty Torsion Spring Hand Gripper!!!

Hope you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed writing it in honor of a great friend,
master craftsman, and icon in the World of Grip! I simply can't imagine what the grip scene would look like today if it wasn't for the efforts of Warren Tetting!!!