Sunday, September 25, 2011

PR's - 2HP & Hub Lift

Recently I made a 2 Hand Pinch Device (pictured to the right) similar to a Euro Pinch Implement used in grip contests around the world.

After helping my wife (Tonya) with her practice session I decided to try for a PR and I did
exactly that. I lifted 133.2 lbs which is up 5 lbs. from 6 days ago.

My device is made from to #35 plates placed together smooth side out with York Spin Collars
securing them tightly together to form a 60mm wide pinching surface. It's my understanding that
if you practice with this type of set-up you can usually average 10-20 lbs. more on the actual Euro Pinch Implement. I hope this is correct as I just recently started practicing this lift.

My wife has gotten really good at this lift too. She set another PR today of 118.8 lbs. Up 5lbs.
from 6 days ago.

Also tried some hubbing today and set another PR of #45 plate with an additional 5lbs. added.
I don't practice this lift often but when I do I seem to be stronger every time.

Tomorrow is squat day (my favorite movement) so stay tuned for some numbers.

Stay STRONG and may your body and mind work together!!!