Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homemade Pinch/Wrist Developer

Here's a new training tool I made to help develop my pinch and wrist strength for arm wrestling, card tearing, etc. Dennis Rogers came up with the
idea of training with cinder blocks and I came up
with this unique way of making them adjustable for added weight. Enjoy!

Here's how you make it:

You'll need 2- 12" x 1-3/4" concrete blocks from Lowes,

HomeDepot, or your local hardware store.

2- 5/16" x 4" bolts

4- 5/16" hole x 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" flat washers

2- 5/16" Wing nuts

1- 5/16" Masonary drill bit.

Drill a hole 4" down from the center of the block and then

push the bolt through the hole with a flat washer on the head

side and the other one on the wing nut side.

Simply add what ever weight you desire and tighten down the wing nut.

Now you're ready!

Exercise and benefits:

Pinch Lifts with one or both hands

or single or multiple fingers

Farmers Walk with one in each hand

Cleans and Clean & Press

Bicep Curls with one or both arms

Seated Leverage Wrist Curls with one or both hands

One of the great benefits of training with these concrete

blocks is they make your hands really tough and consistent

use of these blocks also thicken your hands.

Note: I weighed 4 different blocks and they averaged

between 19 and 20 lbs. Not one block was under 19 lbs.

I hope you find this tool helpful. Go out and buy the materials

and you'll be on your way to some really strong fingers, thumbs,

and wrist.

Stay tuned and stay Strong!!!